Monday, October 29, 2012

Holy Crepes

Holy Crepes
John Frame

This week I wanted to try a recipe that was a little more intense than what I have been previously doing. It was breakfast time so I started looking at the breakfast recipes. As I was looking through the recipes, I found the crepes found on page 817 of the red Bittman book. I have never made crepes before and never had one so I thought it would be fun to try it. The ingredients were very simple and the whole process was quite easy. The only portion I was worried about was the actual cooking of them.  In the book, Bittman said that even the professionals mess up the first crepe. I thought to myself, I am nowhere near a professional so how on earth am I going to get any of them to come out of the pan nicely. My solution to this problem was to use a quarter stick of butter, which made all of the crepes come out cleanly.

The overall, product was fantastic. I was shocked at how well they turned out and would definitely make them again if I had time. I used several types of fillings, which included applesauce, strawberry jam, cream cheese, butter, and maple syrup. I think it is great how creative you can get with the fillings and all the different combinations you can try. I was very pleased with this recipe.

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