Friday, October 5, 2012

Havin' myself an EGGxelent mornin'
[Everyday Scramled Eggs (with lots of modifications) - Bittman hardcover pg. 792]

I woke up this morning, opened up my Bittman cookbook to figure out what I was going to make myself for breakfast.  I knew I had eggs that I needed to get rid of so I looked in the egg section of his book and decided on scrambled eggs.  I also had a lot of other ingredients that would be good in an egg dish that I need to use up before they went bad.  

The recipe asks for butter or olive oil to put in the skillet before the eggs, but I have recently found out that coconut oil really brings out the flavors in scrambled eggs so that is what I use instead of butter or olive oil now. 

*** Also coconut oil is really good for everyone to have in their diet, take a gander at this website if you are interested in knowing the benefits of COCONUT OIL ***

I also decided to use spinach, shredded mozzarella cheese, a pepper and yellow onion from our family garden, and hot sauce. Yes hot sauce is amazing in eggs, I usually don't like hot sauce on anything but if you put it in scrambled eggs it turns the dish into something magically. 

I usually just add the veggies in right away and then wait to put the cheese in until the eggs are almost done and then put lots of cheese on top.  This prevents the cheese from burning while the eggs cook and allows for maximum cheesiness in your scramblers.  

And voila! A beautiful breakfast to start off my day. The toast is just cream cheese and homemade jam, not found in Bittman. 

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