Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beet Gems and Exploded sausages

I've been feeling a little low on energy lately which is how I often feel when my iron is low. Today at the Kingsfield farmers market, close to my new abode, I was drawn to these big red beets. I was a little worried they might be woody on the inside but the farmer assured me they were good so I bought a big bunch. 

In the process of moving to south Minneapolis I seem to have misplaced my camera charger so sorry about the fuzzy photos. 

The beets looked like giant red rubies after I peeled them. They were a little woody in the middle but I just cut out the woodiest parts. I decided to keep it simple and just roast them in the oven with olive oil while I grilled some sausages with my dad outside. 

After I put the sausages on the grill I went inside to check on the beets and when I came out the sausages had exploded. I think the fire was too hot and the moisture probably got trapped inside of the sausage casing. Next time I think I will let the fire settle down a bit more and I'll try puncturing the sausage skin with a fork.

The beets turned out great, nice and tender when cooked.

With a little meat and some big red beets in my body I felt the way Mario must feel when he eats a mushroom.

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