Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vegetable Curry

 For this week I was feeling like I wanted a little kick to my veggies.  Something that would add some more exotic flavors rather than my go to slat, pepper, and garlic. (But don't get me wrong I still love the simple seasoning that they provide.) I just wanted to tantalizing my taste buds with some Asain influenced falvors that the curry provides.  I choose to do the southeastern Asian alternative to Bittmans normals curry recipe.  I substituted in the green beans (farmers market) and the red pepper (from my garden) for the potentates.  The recipe is an egg plant curry.  Which I am proud to say those two purple and white marbled beauties are my first egg plant I have ever grown!

 While you can make your own curry paste, (which I would highly recommend doing) I opted to use what store bought paste I had left in my refrigerator rather than going and buy all the odd ingredients I dont have for curry.  This is not usually my style but I opted for the easier method.  Again dont think Ill make that same choice again.   The paste just did not have the kick and freshness I was looking for.  But on a lighter note I did whip together this meal in no time flat.

By the time I had all my ingredients chopped and in the pan It was just a matter on letting the flavors and veggies simmer in there own goodness and to cook up a pot of some bismati rice.

A little cilantro and lime and...
A fast simple curry that I can enjoy my seasonal produce with a Asian kick!

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