Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fast Tomato Sauce

Fast Tomato Sauce with Meat and Pasta
John Frame

This week I was looking for something I could make that would give me plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week. Using the canned tomatoes from class, I created a tomato sauce from page 502 of the red Bittman book. In addition to the regular recipe, I added garlic and some hamburger. 

For the pasta portion, I used a regular box of spaghetti. I started to heat the water when I began browning the hamburger and followed the directions on the box to cook the spaghetti.

I think that the sauce portion could have used at least double the tomatoes if not triple. Cooking the sauce was very simple. The taste of the sauce was very good but there was not enough overall sauce to cover all of the meat that was there. So in the end, I had spaghetti with tomato flavored meat. I would make this again if I had more tomatoes to make into the sauce.

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