Thursday, October 25, 2012

Recipe-challenged & tomato sauce

Anyone else have trouble sticking to a recipe? I sure do. I have cooked so many years without recipes that I am finding it challenging to not add / subtract / edit the recipes in this class. I usually start recipes because I have an  / some ingredients that inspire me (or just need to be used before they spoil!). As one might expect, most of these ingredients that get me cooking are in season.

Tomatoes were recently at the forefront of a recent tomato sauce effort sans recipe - ironically not because they were in season, but because I needed space in my utility room chest freezer. Karl and I were shutting down the frig in the garage for the winter and I simply needed room for a turkey. Head down in the freezer, I discovered five 1-gallon bags of whole tomatoes I had tossed in at the end of the 2011 growing season. Sauce time. They filled my very large stockpot. I added a little water to prompt thawing and prevent them from burning on the bottom of the pot, and simmered those fruits for about five hours till the sauce thickened. The result was very fresh tomato sauce that tasted like I'd picked the fruits that morning. I added some tomato paste to thicken it, put it in Kerr plastic containers and back in the freezer.

No recipe followed, but now I have the base sauce for so many different recipes. Inspiration + need can be a productive combination.

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