Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mmmmustard Greens

These vibrant mustard greens really stood out to me at the market today so I decided to cook them up with some green ginger, garlic and onions and eat them with some steamed beets. All the vegetables came from the farmers market.
The green ginger or baby ginger came from Vince Fritz's research plot out in Waseca at the Southern Research and Outreach Center. I went there on a field trip with a class that I'm taking on growing, processing, and marketing Chinese medicinal herbs. More to come on this when I finish my field trip report!
The baby ginger on the left was much whiter and more tender than the yellower stringier mature ginger on the right. I minced the mature ginger for flavor and added the baby ginger in big chunks because it is milder and has a nice texture.
After I added the greens I thought "Apples!" so I added some apple chunks too. I loved cooked apples. I couldn't get the final product picture to send from my phone to my email, but the greens were great and looked beautiful sitting next these beautiful vibrant red beets. I was surprised that the greens had lost most of their mustardy flavor. The ginger, garlic and apple flavors made up for the loss of mustard flavor.

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