Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Cook

Hi Class!  Here is some more information on Project Cook, and a link to October's Project Cook Night inspiration.  If you are up for joining this month, gather your friends and roommates Friday, Oct. 19 to share a meal based on this month's inspiration:  Chili and Pumpkins!  You can also "like" the facebook page to get updates and/or RSVP on the event page for October here.  (My fellow Project Cook ambassador (aka Eric the other TA) keeps telling me these things are necessary to spread the word, so I'm trying!)  In summary- Project Cook nights are a lot of fun, and we hope all of you will be inspired to participate at some point this year!  

So, what is Project Cook all about? 
Short Version
Good Food = Good Life.  
We like cooking. 
We want to do it more often. 
And we want you to join us.   
New to Project Cook?

Project Cook is about making a point to get in the kitchen more often. The idea is that once a month on a specific day, all over, people wi
ll set aside the evening to gather, cook, and eat together with roommates, friends (or better yet, people you don’t know so well but might like to get to know better) ON PURPOSE. Think of it as a purposeful way of improving your social life and health at the same time.

How to Participate in Project Cook

1.  Check out This Month's Inspiration
2.  Gather roommates + friends.
3.  Cook together, eat together, enjoy.
4.  Repeat.

Every time you participate
document it with a picture, video, or by writing up your recipe.  Then, share it on the Project Cook Facebook page or @ProjectCook on Twitter,
and watch the project Grow.    

The beauty of Project Cook is that it is infinitely flexible, and anyone can participate!  Any one of you can start hosting Project Cook nights in your own houses, with roommates or friends.  The hope then is that by documenting it and putting it online to make it visible, more and more people will be inspired to join.

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