Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday cooking lab in images

La frittata fantastica
Protein starred in our cooking labs this week. Eggs, beans, pork, beef and chicken were all ingredients in a wide variety of dishes. I admit this was not my favorite lab to-date. I was pretty "protein-ed out" by the end of the meal - or possibly I just ate too fast. Our trio - Ed, Brin and I - were responsible for the bean croquettes. We agreed a nice flavorful chutney would make these a lot better - they were pretty bland and dried out even when they were fried in butter. They would make a good carrier for something spicy and juicy.

The labs are great. Thanks to Jenny, Kris, Eric and Haley for their guidance and for putting this great class together! Speaking as someone who has spent A LOT of time in a classroom over my 49 years, this class is a real gem.

The class dishes up.
The Bean Croquettes pan-fried and patty-style. They needed a spicy chutney.

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