Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stuffed Squash

This week, I tried to make stuffed squash with the squash that I brought back from my home garden last week. The recipe that I used was the acorn squash variation found on page 371 of the red Bittman book. I started cooking the half of the squash that did not contain hollow space the same time I started boiling the wild rice. This top half was much thicker and needed to cook longer. 

I was happy with the final product except the stuffed part of the squash. The squash its self was not cooked and very hard. But I still had the top half and the stuffing so it still tasted good. I would make this again but the only thing I would change is cook the lower half of squash in 15 minutes before I filled it with stuffing. This would help it cook properly. Overall, I was satisfied with the recipe.

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