Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Why it still is beautiful outside in Minnesota... fall is here.  With that comes the end to a growing season and the begining of a long winter hibernation.  I was outside enjoying the brisk fall air, collecting the last of my veggies and herbs before the frost did them in.  I could not help admire the warm glow off of the peppers. 
Once I collected all my goodies, cleaned up a bit more in the yard, it was off to the kitchen, for what I felt was only appropriate but a hot bowl of chili.

I started off with following Mark Bittman's Chili con Carne  page 429. I opted for the tomato version, only because when I think chili I think tomatoes.  While I am a meat eater and enjoy the stuff, I am trying to minimize my consumption of it.  Trying different recipes where meat would normally be a staple ingredient, I just cut it out.  I don't substitute anything for it because in my opinion the processed alternatives just don't look appetizing.  And you know what? Usually I never miss it.
Started off with soaking some pinto beans and then cooking them for about and hour.

I followed Bittman's recipe as it is in his book.  However, the end product had good flavor it did not have enough going on for me.  I chopped up another onion and a few celery stalks to add some bite and substance.

I like my chili to be a meal in a bowl.

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