Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I make hummus pretty regularly.  Last time I made it I roasted the chickpeas and garlic, which was amazing. This time I decided to just whip up a quick batch without roasting anything.  I think roasting does make it have a bit richer flavor, though.

I buy as much food as possible in bulk form from the Wedge Co-op's bulk bins, chickpeas and adzuki beans (pictured) are no exception.  Tonight I quick-soaked and cooked them using the technique Bittman describes on p.501, but I have admittedly been doing this for awhile anyways.

Chickpeas in a blender.  In the background you can see some wheat berries soaking.  

The final product.  I used Bittman's hummus recipe on p.23.  I used cumin instead of black pepper since we were out of black pepper and I threw in a jalapeno I got from Cornercopia (the student-run organic farm) at the farmer's market last week.  I also added additional lemon juice and water because I like a creamier consistency.

Everything turned out well!  I ate some of the hummus with slices of cucumber and might make some pita bread soon to eat with the rest.

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