Sunday, October 7, 2012

Collaborative Cornbread

    Many of Bittman's recipes make excellent side dishes, but can be lacking some substance as stand-alone meals.  Fellow classmate Kendra and I decided that a collaborative effort in this week's assignment would make a perfect dinner party opportunity for ourselves and a few friends.  With the new chill in the air, chili seemed like just the ticket, and what's more perfect with chili than homemade cornbread?

I used the most basic cornbread recipe in Bittman (pg. 243).  I followed the recipe as is, except the instructions using lard or bacon drippings -- instead of heating fat and putting a layer at the bottom of the baking pan, I just melted the butter and mixed it into the batter. 

     It wasn't until after I had mixed up the batter that I realized the only thing we had for baking the cornbread was a mini muffin tin.  I had to adjust the baking time, but the end result was two dozen bite-sized cornbread muffins that were perfect for dipping in chili or smeared with a gob of honey.

Along with some hard ciders and a bottle of wine, cornbread and chili made for a perfect autumn night in with friends.

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