Sunday, October 21, 2012

[Apple Crisp, softcover pg.623]

There is nothing better on a beautiful Autumn day than consuming Minnesota's favorite Fall fruit, apples!  This week I decided on making some delicious warm apple crisp.  Apple crisp is super easy to make, and with apples being in season right now they are at decent prices.  This would have been an even better experience if I would have actually gone to an apple orchard and picked the apples I was going to use for this recipe, but unfortunately I had no time this week to do so.

Coconut is optional, but as everyone knows I LOVE
could also add  a sort of nut but I  chose not to include them

Apples are mixed up with lemon juice, brown
sugar, and cinnamon.

First you have to peel and slice A TON of apples (6 cups worth).  This is a very boring and lonely process, I highly suggest including a friend or family member for this part.

The topping is the best part of Apple Crisp, do not worry about making too much because there is no such thing...I actually would have liked to of made more and mixed it in with the apples as well as topping.

This is the hardest part...being patient. This baby will take 30 to 40 minutes to be ready...but it will be worth it.

BAM! Perfection...I mean it fell apart but that was to be expected since nothing was holding the apples together.  Those 3 white things at the top of the plate is ice cream.  This is a MUST when eating Apple Crisp, it makes a big difference in the consumption process. 

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