Sunday, November 25, 2012

White Bean and Collard Green Soup

For the holiday weekend I am heading out of town and decided to get my blog recipe done prior to the feast of the holiday.   I thought a hearty soup would be appropriate to enjoy the day before, as well as the few days after the massive amounts of turkey and sides the weekend has to offer.  I have been really trying to cook with seasonal ingredients, so I wanted to make a soup that would do a fair job of representing November in Minnesota.  I decided to go with Bittman's White Bean and Collard Green Soup on page 136.

 Okay I know white beans doesn't scream Minnesota but I recently volunteered out at the U of M student organic farm and picked bean pods of all kinds so I figured it was acceptable for me to use beans.  This recipe was extremly simple; one pot, through in everything but the greens let her cook for at least an hour and then finish off with the collards to your liking.
 I quite enjoyed the soup on Wednesday and what I hear is that it will only get better!

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