Sunday, November 18, 2012

Challenge 3

The closest gas station/convenience store was Bobby's corner store, which is 2 blocks away from my house.  It is was very small in this convenience store and they had a limited selection, but the things they did have were surprising.  While looking at all the food selections at Bobby's, I decided I was going to make my boyfriend and roommate hamburgers with mixed veggies.

$4.99 for a 1 pound log of ground beef 
I seasoned the burgers with garlic salt and chili powder after forming the burgers into patties.

$3.99...there was frozen corn for $2.99, but besides the fact that this
gave more of  a variety it includes a starch as well as green vegetables.
As you can maybe see by the price tag, the cheese was $3.99

The reason I chose to do hamburgers is because my mother randomly decided to give me hamburger buns that she brought home from we got the hamburger buns for free, otherwise I would have made them (roommate and boyfriend) eat the burger without a bun because that would have been over $15 dollars.

So, $4.99 for a pound of ground beef, $3.99 for the mixed veggies steamers, and $3.99 for the cheese equaling a total of around $13.00....that is expensive for just one meal at a convenience store. 

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