Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mustard Greens, Bacon, and Egg Salad

For this weekend I was really into the warm salad mood.  It started Friday night when I decided to make the Collard greens, bacon and beet salad from Beth's cookbook.  And can I quickly say it was delicious.  So delicious I wanted to make another one but decided to see if Bittman had any other suggestions. Sure enough he did, he actually has a lot of them, you could have hearty warm salads for weeks with Bittmans book.  I decided to go with the Warmed Spicy greens with bacon and egg on page 205.
 This recipe was fairly straight forward but a little time consuming with cooking the bacon and the egg.  Poaching the egg was by far the most challenging for me in this recipe.  Bittman also has a how to poach an egg on page 793 which was helpful but still there is definitely an art to poaching an egg.  Luckily the egg did not break and I did not over cook it.  So I say it was a successful poach.  I used the greese from the bacon as my base for my sauce, added a shallot, mustard, little olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Bittman says to use the best, and I am curious what is a good brand of red wine vinegar... Im going to have to look into that one and get back to you.  But what ever I had in the pantry seem to work just fine.
Warmed up my plate slightly with a little hot water in the bowl for a few minutes (its a trick Bittman explains in the book) Through in the mustard greens (which I was excited to cook with because Ive been trying to eat a larger variety of greens especially if they are in season) plopped the egg down, bacon bits, and my bacon grease vinaigrette.  It was quite tasty and perfect for a brunch or a light dinner. Highly recommend! 

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