Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mixed Pasta Concoction 
[Roasted Peppers pg. 593, Roasting Winter Squash pg 614]

This week I did not have a lot of time to spend on cooking some elaborate nor did I have a lot of money to spend.  So this week I decided to try and use up somethings I had and make something that wouldn't take up a lot of my time, but leave me with leftovers.  Going off of what Beth from Campus Club demonstrated for the Weds. class on roasting vegetables, I decided I wanted to try and recreate it because it was so good.  So I looked to Bittman for some guidance.  Although I was planning on using the recipe on "Roasting Hard-To-Peel Winter Squash" my work ended up a pint of multiple different kinds of winter squash that were already roasted and mushed up (haha that's probably not that technical term). 

The container filled with orangeness (under the garlic) is the squash
I received from work
As you can see from the above picture, I didn't use a ton of ingredients. I also chose to use pasta because its quick and easy. I also wanted to use the tomatoes that we canned in class so I threw that into the mix as well. I used onions as well even though they are not shown in the picture above, I had forgotten that I had onions.

So I just chopped up all my veggies, and threw them in the largest pan I had so they didn't have to be piled on top of each other.

Mincing the garlic was the most time consuming part of this activity.  Thank goodness I required my roommate to help if she wanted to eat this delicious goodness. 

I ended up using 2.5 whole garlic and mixed in some butter as well.  I mixed most of the garlic mixture with the veggies and the remaining into the tomatoes.

And of course I had to top off my pasta concoction with some mozzarella cheese.  It was really good and I was able to show my roommate that cooking is fun and not hard to do!  

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