Friday, November 9, 2012

John Frame-Challenge 3

Challenge Recipe 3
John Frame

Challenge recipe number 3 was to purchase a meal for two people using $15 from at a local gas station or CVS. The meal had to be adequate in nutrition (proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals) while staying within the budget. For this challenge, I went shopping at the CVS Pharmacy located on the corner of Ontario Street and Washington Avenue.

As I began shopping, I found out that the fruit and vegetable selection was minimal. The fruit selection consisted of some apples and oranges while the only vegetables to be seen in the whole store were a frozen bag of mixed vegetables.  After picking up these items, I went to find bread, cheese, and eggs. CVS had all of these in supply so I purchased each item. My overall total for the shopping was $20.70. My total was above the $15 amount because I also purchased a gallon of milk and deodorant.

To prepare the food, I fried up the frozen vegetables in some olive oil and cut the apple up into 1/8 pieces. I cooked the eggs over hard seasoning with salt and put the cheese on top of the egg. After the cheese was melted, I placed the egg and cheese combination onto some bread and made a sandwich. I went with an egg and cheese sandwich because it seemed like the sandwich would fulfill a lot of the nutrient requirements and be cheap to make. Overall, the $15 meal for two people at a corner store was a success and there were plenty of ingredients left over to make more sandwiches.

I would not like to do any more grocery shopping at CVS because it is very expensive relative to a regular grocery store. I think that I could have gotten the same quantity of food at half the price if I were at a regular grocery store.

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