Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bread Pudding Phase 1: CHALLAH
So my place of employment has the most delectable home-style cooking (everything on the brunch menu is more than likely accompanied by a scoop of whipped butter) on Johnson Street.  I often struggle NOT getting some drunken banana french toast or a sunrise omelet after most brunch shifts.  However, working the dinner shift my desires are geared more towards dessert...BREAD PUDDING.  Butterscotch and Walnut Bread Pudding... Banana Coconut Bread Pudding...Pumpkin and Craisin Bread Pudding...I want to try them all!  But instead of getting into that nasty habit, I decided to make my own bread pudding for my family on Thanksgiving courtesy of Ina Garten's French Toast Bread Pudding.  But first, I took cue from Bittman on how to make Challah (p.252).  Apparently it is the perfect bread for both french toast and bread pudding!

My house still smells like a bakery.  After it cooled for a few minutes, I couldn't help but try a slice and it was So.Good.
(bread pudding to follow, have a good Thanksgiving y'all!)

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