Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Field Trip

Midtown Market Field Trip

I had heard about the Midtown Market from one of my roommates, she had gone with her parents when they came to visit. A few weeks later, my mom and sister came to visit and thought we'd check it out. We went on a sunday morning and were surprised to find they had salsa dancing lessons going on that early, or at all for that matter. The market felt like a mix of a farmers market, a art fair, and festival all combined. they had several food stands, a central market area with fresh and local fruits and veggies,  a large cheese stand (yum!), and clothing, art, and jewelry stands. My sister and I were pretty occupied with a soy candle stand. We spent time walking around the whole market, bought some cheese, some fresh veggies, a candle or two, and them got some food. We all ended up getting food from different vendors. My mom got mexican, my sister got american, and I got asian. The food was tasty and seemed authentic. After we ate we watched those participating in the salsa lesson. Under normal circumstances (as in not sunday AM) I may have joined in but left that for another time. It was fun to see people of all ages joining in and you could tell who were the regulars. We could have spent more time just wondering around but my mom and sister had to get on the road back home. My take away from the market was the very apparent fact that food is such a large part of all cultures.
I will definitely be going back to the Midtown Market. Time well spent.

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