Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coffee Cake Muffins

This week I made Bittman's Coffee Cake variation on his basic muffin recipe.  It called for really easy ingredients that I had in my pantry, so I was able to make them on a whim this morning without a special trip to the grocery store.

A few classic baking ingredients...

Plus some brown sugar and walnuts to give it that coffee cake crunch.  I used the left-over co-op walnuts that I used for my pesto earlier in the week.

I intentionally over-filled the tin to get extra big muffins, so, on Bittman's direction, I filled in the extra spaces with water.

The final products were excellent; they were really moist, and the cinnamon brown sugar top was super tasty.  They were the perfect addition to a cup of coffee and a long conversation with an old friend.

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