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Essential Nutrients and Why We Need Them

Essential Nutrients and Why We Need Them

Location: River Market Co-op, Stillwater, MN
Date: November 29th

Many co-ops offer/advertise events, classes, or workshops that promotes their mission statement of improving the health of community members and actively supporting the community.  My family is members of the River Market co-op in downtown Stillwater (about 30 minutes from the cities for those of you who do not know).  When I lived at home last year my mother and I would go to a lot of these health and food related seminars and workshops.  Last year is when I started to really get into food being used as medicine.  Since I don't live at home this year my mother has been having to go to these classes by herself, and she has recently been to a lot of the classes taught by a man name Don Slinger who she seems to be a bit obsessed with.  I decided to go with her to this one because I was in town at the time.

Don has always been very concerned with what he put in his body. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 10 years ago he decided to do his own research about how he could help fight it in conjunction with Western medicine.  He has given many lectures on his journey towards fighting cancer (he actually does not have it anymore), this one in particular was on the essential nutrients that help him gain his health back. It was super chemistry intense, but very interesting as well. To save time and confusion I will just go over some of the main points that he talked about. 

In one of the studies Don talked about, he referred to this figure, the "Wheel of Health".  This 13 year study by Duke University showed that professionals can only help patients about 25% of the time (blue outer circle) and that patients needed to be responsible for their own health changes the other 75% of the time (note the 7 areas of personal responsibility in the green circle).  Many times throughout his cancer fight, the medical community could not help him, so Don did his own research and basically solved his own problems. He then decided to create a plan that he followed 100%, everyday during the first 9 months of his cancer, now he only does about 5 to 6 times a week. Some of the things he decided to implement in his everyday life was:
1. Building his relationships between God, himself, others, and the environment.
2. Including "natural" omega 3 and 6 + fish oil in his diet for improvement of healthy cell functions. 
3. Including minerals an iodine from kelp in his diet to fight inflammations. 
4. Eating raw, alkaline foods to increase natural emzymes intake so his pancreas wouldn't have to produce as much.
5. Oil-pulling with coconut oil to kill mouth bacteria.
6. Taking Boron and Selenomethionine supplements to suppress the tumors creation/growth.
7. Doing Magnesium chloride hexahydrate soaks.
8. Chewing his food well for proper digestion.
9. Drinking enough natural, non-toxic water - about 2 quarts a day.
10. Rebounding several times a day- a quick 5 minute exercise.

Now these things weren't over night things, it took about 8-10 months for Don to finally see results of his hard work. The above things are also not even close to everything he talked about but if your interested in learning more I can email the information he sent out to everyone, or you can do your own research.

After every presentation he always has bulk items that he has talked about that night or previous times.  Of course my mom always buys stuff, so here are some pictures of the things she bought.

He didn't talk about these in this class but I guess he
did in a different class my mom attended

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