Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 I love eggs, cheese, and broccoli so it's great that there's a delicious way to combine it all!  Not to mention simple...!  Bittman lays it out on page 802 with a lot of great options for different ways too cook it up.
 First I had to soften up my broccoli and onions which I did in some water.  Afterward, per Bittman's instructions, I should have chopped it up a bit but for some reason I felt compelled to put big pieces of broccoli in my omelette.
I don't think I followed Bitt's instructions closely enough to achieve a good egg form, as noticeable in the picture - but luckily it's only just the beginning of learning how to make the perfect omelette...!  And yeah, I probably should have cut up my broccoli hah.  Either way, I sure enjoyed it and look forward to making some more complex versions (he suggests filling it with mashed goodies, jelly, or fruit...!).

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