Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Field Trip #1: Golden Valley"s Farmers Market

Golden Valley's Farmers Market
Location: Golden Valley, MN
Date: September 16th, 2012

I know this was from a long time ago, but like most college students I like to procrastinate till the very last minute for everything.

I love farmers markets.  They are a great way for community members to gather and talk to one another, as well as getting to know their local farmers.  It is also a great way to keep money and jobs within the local economy.  Every farmers market is different, not only can they have a wide range of different produce but there can also be flowers, homemade goods/gifts, informational booths, and even musicians. 

This specific farmers market field trip was to Golden Valley, MN.  I was actually over there for another class, and we came across the city's farmers market.

It it located in the parking lot of Golden Valley's City Hall building.

They had a surprising amount of booths here.  Vegetable booths, a honey and jelly booth, gift booths, informational booths (2 on community volunteer projects), homemade soaps booth, musicians, as well as many more.  With the amount of booths, there weren't that many people there, but I'm assuming this is because I arrived towards the end of the market.  All of the boothees (ha I know that is not a word) I talked to were very nice and informative.  

I  did not end up purchasing anything here because before I came to Golden Valley I was in Stillwater, at my parent's house, taking all the vegetables from our garden there FOR FREE!

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