Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feild Trip #2!


 After sampling a bite (or 3) of: 2 different pound cakes, a strawberry cream tart, and some maplesnaps I decided to go walk it off at the Homegrown MPS open house as the East Phillips Park Cultural Community Center.  The turn out was great.  The food provided by Sister Camelot and Birchwood Cafe smelled amazing and the gymnasium was lined with multiple stands highlighting various  educational organizations that promote sustainability, as well as some local CSAs. 

 We talked with Zach Robinson with the YEA Corps.  And basically they are teaching students in 3 Twin Cities Schools (there is a waiting list!) to run aquaponics systems (just like David Abazs!)using this little guy for his fertilizer...

There is just so much cool stuff happening in this city it's unreal!  Here's Ali just beaming while talking to with Erin (?) from the Beez Kneez.  The Beez Kneez provide bee/bee keeping education to schools and community centers, as well as deliver fresh honey by bike!
 The energy in the room was just fantastic.  Everyone was there for a reason and their reasons are growing.  Beth Dooley asked everyone who has been involved in homegrown since day one to raise their hand: just a few soldiers.  She then asked everyone who is now involved, 4 years later, to raise their hand and the growth is evident.  The food community that Homegrown has conjured is amazing, warm, and determine and I can't wait to see what they accomplish in the future!

Equally as fantastic as the news above, I grabbed some applications for CSAs!  Suggestions?

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