Saturday, December 8, 2012

Caramelized onions, because I can.

So for this weeks post by Robbie, I made caramelized onions!
Caramelized onions are notoriously tasty. That's all y'all have to know.

Mmmm... caramelly...
I was intrigued by Bittman's method of adding liquid - usually I just cook the onion for a long time, and they caramelize. He called for adding a lot of liquid, as well as sugar and vinegar. I didn't want to do all that liquid, so I added half what he called for, with some honey and white wine vinegar, but only after the onions were starting to brown on their own. That boiled off, and I cooked the onions for a while after that because I like my caramelized onions extra caramelly.

Green = healthy.
Then I topped my pizza with them, and some saut├ęd mushrooms and a garlicky white sauce. The pizza got all out of the oven, we threw some arugala on there for some greenery, and it was amazing.

The end.

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