Sunday, December 2, 2012

Challenge 4 – Whole Foods

Challenge 4 – Whole Foods
John Frame

The instruction for challenge 4 was to purchase and prepare a meal for two people from a “health” foods store such as Whole Foods with $15. The store I went to purchase my food was the St. Paul Whole Foods store. I knew going into the store that I had to think cheap and find the food that would give me the most bang for my buck. I thought that a peanut butter and banana sandwich along with roasted vegetables would be my best bet.

As I was going through the store, I noticed some butternut squash that was 69 cents a pound. I picked one of those up and then went to get some carrots. Picked up four carrots and then two bananas. I went to get some peanut butter and saw that it was over $4. With a 4$ purchase on peanut butter, I would have to make my bread purchase very cheap. To find my cheap bread, I bought a pack of tortillas for 99 cents.

Preparing the meal was very simple. I started roasting the vegetables using the recipe found in the Bittman book. When the vegetables were getting tender, I started making the peanut butter and banana wraps. I was surprised at how well the wraps turned out. I tried a tortilla right out of the package and it was horrible. But the peanut butter and banana fixed any problems that the tortilla had. The vegetables were very good. Overall, the meal was good but it was not worth the extra money for buying the food 
at a Whole Foods store. I would not go shopping at a foods store like this when I can purchase food that I think is just as healthy and cheaper. 

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