Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Green Salad

John Frame - Simple Green Salad

I thought for the first assignment I would do something simple that combined a variety of recipes/cooking techniques from Mark Bittman's book. I made a Simple Green Salad found on page 186 of the red Bittman book. Instead of adding the olive oil and vinegar, I made a double batch of vinaigrette found on page 199 in the red Bittman book. I created one of the variations of vinaigrette with some mustard to make a mustard vinaigrette.

Ingredients used for Salad

I also used some of the variation ideas for the simple salad from the book. I added some ham, cheese, chopped almonds and a fried egg. The cooking directions for the fried egg can be found on page 791 of the red Bittman book. Surprisingly enough, I was cooking fried eggs to long and making them rubbery. After reading the fried egg directions, I can make a better fried egg! 

Vinaigrette before mixing

The preparation was pretty easy. I got good chopping practice by chopping up the greens, nuts, egg, and ham. The overall product in the end was very appetizing and I look forward to enjoying the next salad I create with my left over vinaigrette!

Simple Green Salad with Variations

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