Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fungus eatin' time!

Jena Fabian makes Cream of Mushroom Soup! (pg130 in the hardcover edition)

As the temperature started dropping and the leaves started to change, I could smell in the air that Fall was a brewin'.  And with the colder months comes illnesses and chilly feet, which I acquired both at the beginning of this week.  So feeling cold and sick I decided the best thing for me to do was make myself some homemade soup!

I chose to go with the Cream of Mushroom soup because of all the health benefits that come along with consuming mushrooms. Some such benefits include: immune system boosting, fighting cancer/inhibit tumor growth, and help kill bacteria and viruses.

This was quite an simple recipe to recreate and didn't cost too much money to make (partially because I already had half of the ingredients) or time.  

I had to cut the recipe in half because I didn't realize I had only bought half a pound of mushrooms and the original recipe called for a whole pound.  The recipe called for button mushrooms but I decided to get baby portabella mushrooms instead but they are more nutritional.

After everything was sliced, chopped, and measured out I added them all into a deep pot over medium-high heat until it boiled and then let it cook on medium for 15 minutes so that the vegetables were nice and soft.

When the 15 minutes were up I let the concoction cool down and then little by little added it into this retro food processor.

And BAM! This is how it turned out, delicious and hot. I did have to add some salt and pepper to give it a little more flavor but I didn't add too much.  It was also a little bit different from other mushroom soups I have had because it had a potato in it so it was not as smooth but it was still very good. And I was nice enough to share with my starving parents :)

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