Saturday, September 29, 2012

I decided I wanted to make hamburgers the other night.  I was a vegetarian for over 7 years until about February.  I haven't cooked much meat since I transitioned so I usually like to have someone supervising my meat-cooking experiments so I don't poison everyone with E. coli accidentally.  On Wednesday, my roommate (Haley the TA) spectated while my boyfriend and I made hamburgers with bacon, bleu cheese, and caramelized onions.

I used Bittman's burgers recipe on p.432, the recipe for roasted bacon on p.477, and the caramelized onion recipe from p.517.

We also had a green salad with feta and homemade dressing that my boyfriend whipped up using ketchup as the emulsifier, which was surprisingly delicious.  And Haley used Bittman's recipe for steamed corn on the cob from p.564.  Bittman says "There is no reason at all to boil corn," but we found that steaming was not as good as regular boiled corn.

 Caramelizing onions.

Seasoning the hamburgers under strict supervision. 

The finished product, so delicious!

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