Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holy Crepe

   The fall harvest has been the inspiration for many of the meals posted on the blog this week, and mine was no exception.  A morning trip to the farmer's market had me inspired; squash soup, autumn greens and chile peppers are soon to appear on my plate.  What had me most excited though, was some golden fall honey and a cache of apples from a local orchard.  Because I had all the ingredients at home, I had already decided to make crepes for this week's cooking assignment.  Now that I had these tasty additions, I wanted to shy away from the traditional sugar-and-lemon crepe garnish and venture into the brave new world of apple compote.

  The compote was simple.  I sliced the apples and placed them in a saucepan with a few tablespoons of butter to simmer.  I added plenty of cinnamon, and honey and brown sugar to taste.  I let the mixture do its thing on the stove; I just kept the heat low and stirred every once in a while until the apples were soft.

   The crepes were made from the Bittman recipe in his cookbook How to Cook Everything (pg. 751).  It took a few practice tries to get the right relationship between batter, heat, and butter, but eventually we were able to get the thin consistency without overcooking it.

  As the crepes finished cooking, we stuffed them with the apple compote and rolled them up.  If I were to do things again, I would probably add some liquid while the apples were simmering; it would've been nice to have some extra apple syrup to drizzle over the finished crepe.  Otherwise, it was an excellent fall breakfast that went perfectly with a cup of tea.

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  1. It would appear we have a food blogger in the making!