Sunday, September 23, 2012

Salmon Burgers

This recipe isn't actually from our cookbook (mine hasn't arrived yet). However it was surprisingly pretty tasty and incredibly simple! My roommate is mainly gluten free so she provided me with this recipe to try. We had salmon burgers accompanied by a salad. Now the entire meal was not gluten free, but the salmon burgers were. I went out and bought canned salmon because lets face it, I'm a broke college student and it's cheaper. Then I cut up some onion, threw in some ground lemon pepper to help cut the fishy taste down and blended the three things together. Finally I formed them into patties and threw them in a pan. The salad was just as simple. It was a 50/50 mix of half spinach and half "spring mix" (again bought from the store). Then I threw in some craisins, slivered almonds, and topped it with a Raspberry Acai Vinaigrette. When it came time to eat I had forgotten that they were salmon burgers so the first bite was a little shocking, but after that it started to grow on me. I will definitely be making these again in the near future when I'm looking to switch things up a bit.

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